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This list is a work in progress, growing bit by bit as I see names I've missed on various Cambridge-related newsletters, forums etc. Please be gracious about errors and ommissions, contributions are welcome. I haven't even started coding this into a simple database, it's just a page of static links!

Last Update: 2016-03-12

Please feel free to drop me a line if you know of any other employers in the Cambridge area that I missed off: or to point out broken links.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is probably unique in the UK in having a very diverse set of businesses working in technology, ranging from biosciences to internet service providers. It's possible to change the focus of one's career significantly over time and avoid getting stuck in a rut, and so do new and interesting things. The best time to make a big career shift is when there's a boom and employers are forced to consider people on the basis of aptitude and attitude rather than looking for the perfect fit. Note to employers: finding someone who appears to be a perfect fit for the job, probably because they already do the same job at a different company, means they will not find it a challenge and may even get bored and leave sooner than you want!

I have done my best to link directly to the careers page for a company, sometimes it's not easy or possible if it's via a search function, sorry. Please realise that the presence in this listing doesn't mean there are jobs available, sorry, but if you are looking for work it's often still worth approaching a company anyway as not all advertise all positions.

Whilst you're here, consider adding a review of your existing employer to or Glass Door.

Find information on Cambridge employers at EmployerInformation or Glass Door .

The Cambridge Network has a useful list of companies.

Jobs Listings Sites

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Specific Companies

Please feel free to drop me a line if you know of any other employers in the Cambridge area that I missed off:

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